"Dear Friends: Thank you for your support of exness ウェブターミナル New Bo Books over the years. We are grateful for your conversations and recommendations, and have truly appreciated your business. As Deb Witte takes over March 1, we count on your continued dedication and support for Cedar Rapid's independent bookstore under its new name, "The Next Page Bookstore." Welcome to the neighborhood , Deb!"
2 0 1 5  New  H o u r s:

Tuesday - Saturday       10am-6pm
Sunday       11am-4pm

Closed Monday
The Next Page bookstore is your bookstore in historic New Bohemia. We’re built on the rich heritage of Cedar Rapids, the bookselling expertise of http://www.exness-trade.jp.net/ our owner and employees, and the knowledge of our own fascinating bibliophiles. Come discover something incredible!